Welcome to living in Southern Leighton Buzzard
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TeacupSouthern Leighton Buzzard (SLB) is a unique part of a new sustainable development for Leighton Buzzard.

Leighton Buzzard is a historic market town with a range of specialist shops and services within the town centre and the surrounding area for you to utilise. Take a moment to browse this website and to look inside your Residents Information Pack to see what delights are in store.

As a resident of SLB, you have access to a new high quality, high frequency Dash Direct bus service to the town centre and railway station; launched for your benefit.  SLB is a fun, active and healthy place to live.  See the range of walking and cycling measures within your Residents Pack and via the transport links on the side of this page to help connect you with the town and railway station; which offer viable, safe alternatives to using your car.

By offering a unique range of measures, we aim to make the Southern Leighton Buzzard development a national exemplar site; the benefits of which have been identified by the Junior Housing Minister.

"This project will bring real benefits to the people of Leighton Buzzard. As well as improving residents' health, it will help revitalise the town centre and bring economic benefits for local businesses by getting people out of their cars."   
Junior Housing Minister, Iain Wright MP

We hope you will find this website and your welcome pack useful and that they help you to explore your new town and the great benefits it has to offer!!

Note from your Travel Plan Coordinator

As a resident of Southern Leighton Buzzard, you are ideally located to make the most of the existing facilities within the town.  To encourage you to shop locally and to help support the local community, the Southern Leighton Buzzard Steering Group have promoted a range of sustainable travel initiatives, which offer viable, efficient alternatives to using the car.

Leighton Buzzard has so much to offer and it's all right on your doorstep! Whether you need information on shopping and entertainment, local businesses, facilities within your community or details of various clubs and societies, Leighton Buzzard has it all . . . and it's just a couple of clicks away on this website! Please take a moment to browse through the various pages on this website to see what the Southern Leighton Buzzard Steering Group are committed to providing for you.

 It is our aim to promote a range of sustainable travel measures throughout Southern Leighton Buzzard. Whether this relates to Public Transport, Walking or Cycling, it is our aim to make sure you have access to relevant, up-to-date information, allowing you to make an informed travel choice.

We have also taken the effort to provide you with valuable information relating to a number of great days out in the surrounding area, all of which are easily accessible by walking, cycling or public transport.

I hope that you make use of the information contained on this site to your advantage and help to make the roads within Leighton Buzzard less congested, whilst also improving your health by using more sustainable travel methods.

Yours faithfully

Martin Ohrland

Travel Plan Coordinator for Southern Leighton Buzzard